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    ข่าว กีฬา เล ส เตอร์

    Updated: 08:54 EDT

    Russia deploys paratroopers to Belarus border region amid fears of conflict

    Russia and Belarus said paratroopers from both countries are taking part in unannounced military drills (right) just 20 miles from the Polish border today (left), to test the 'combat readiness' of their soldiers. Troops will parachute into the Gozhsky range, close to where thousands of migrants are gathered trying to enter Poland, and will practice capturing bridges as well as hunting down enemy patrols, Russia's defense ministry said. Meanwhile Poland's defense minister revealed that British engineers are being deployed to help strengthen the border defenses, amid warnings from all sides that the situation risks spilling over into a conflict. Separately, the White House warned European leaders that Putin appears to be readying for an attack on eastern Ukraine in an attempt to annex territory after moving thousands of troops, tanks and artillery pieces to the border. Ukraine has moved 8,500 extra troops to its border regions, where it has been fighting a years-long insurgency against Russian-backed separatist rebel groups (map showing all troop movements, top left inset).?

    Biden's Build Back Better will make 30% of middle class families pay higher taxes,

    President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan could raise taxes modestly for some middle-class households, despite his vow that anyone making less than $400,000 would not see an increase, according to a new analysis. 'Taking into account all major tax provisions, roughly 20 percent to 30 percent of middle-income households would pay more in taxes in 2022. However, their tax increases would be very small,' non-partisan Tax Policy Center wrote in a report.? 'Among those with a tax increase, low- and middle-income households would pay an additional $100 or less on average. Those making $200,000-$500,000 would pay an average of about $230 more,' the report added.?The analysis found that, even if some households saw a modest increase, the average lower- and middle-income household would see an overall decline in their taxes.?The analysis also found that the tax picture would change in 2023 under the current plan, which expands Child Tax Credits only through 2022.?TPC found that the 'effects of these changes would result in many households paying higher taxes in 2023 than in 2022. They would shrink the average 2023 tax cuts for low-income households, raise taxes slightly for moderate-income households, and increase taxes significantly for the highest-income households.'

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    Millions of Midwesterners are bracing for their first big snowstorm of the season following a blizzard warning as temperatures in the region plummet and winds reach high speeds of up to 40 mph.

    Oscar Pistorius, 34, has been eligible for parole since July after he was convicted of murder for shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp multiple times through a toilet door in his home in South Africa.

    An attorney for the founder of Project Veritas has accused the Department of Justice of tipping off the New York Times about recent raids on current and former employees.

    Arizona school board president's secret dossier on parents opposed to CRT and mask mandates was discovered after he accidentally sent a link to a mom: Private investigator ran background checks and parents were filmed

    Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg's (left) access to the Google Drive file was revealed after he accidentally displayed the link in a screenshot (bottom right) he sent to a parent in a heated email chain. The drive contained files labeled 'SUSD Wackos' and 'Anti Mask Lunatics' among others in a sprawling database tracking the online activities of parents (top right) in the district, as well as a report that appeared to have been generated by a private investigator. A video in the file (main) shows Greenburg's father admitting to hiring a private investigator to record license plates outside a school board meeting.

    Lung Family Professor of Asian American Studies and Professor of History at Columbia University Mae Ngai said of the Kenosha judge: 'All I can say is, Ugh. Old Racist stereotypes die hard'.

    Attorneys for ex-Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs filed court documents on Wednesday that claim firefighters were slow to extinguish the blaze in Tina Tintor's car following their collision.

    Paris Hilton is MARRIED! Heiress ties the knot with entrepreneur beau Carter Reum

    Paris Hilton married entrepreneur Carter Reum (left inset) in a lavish ceremony at her late grandfather's Bel-Air estate (right) yesterday evening, with the star-studded affair boasting a bevy of A-list guests. The 40-year-old hotel heiress confirmed the news with an Instagram post taken after the ceremony and shared the first glimpse at her custom Oscar de la Renta bridal gown (left) as she penned: 'My forever begins today... 11/11 #JustMarried #ForeverHiltonReum.' Paris the daughter of millionaire businessman Richard Hilton and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy (top right) who looked in high spirits as they prepared to watch their eldest child say her vows. The lavish affair was attended by a host of celebrities, including (bottom L-R) singer Bebe Rexha, Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, Scream Queens actress Emma Roberts, Britney Spears' manager Cade Hudson, NFL player Larry English and reality star Nicole Williams. Paris and Carter announced they were engaged in February after a year of dating and have filmed the lead-up to their big day as well as the ceremony for a TV special.?

    Trump DEFENDS supporters who shouted 'hang Mike Pence' during Capitol riot, insists the chant was 'just common sense' and says he thought VP would escape because he was 'in good shape', in newly released interview?

    During a taped interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC News and obtained by Axios , Trump can be heard playing down chants of 'Hang Mike Pence' that were heard at the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6 from his supporters, saying 'the people were very angry.' In the clip, Karl asks Trump if he was worried for his Vice President, to which Trump replies saying he was not worried and that he'd heard he was 'very well protected'. When Karl pushes Trump on the chants, Trump says 'it's common sense'. 'How can you pass on a fraudulent vote to Congress? How can you do that?' he says to Karl, touting the false claim that the 2020 presidential election that saw Joe Biden win was fraudulent. Trump's supporters laid siege to the Capitol building on January 6 following a rally held by the then-president outside the White House. Pence (pictured right in Congress on January 6) was evacuated by members of his security detail through the hidden tunnels inside the building. Outside, a gallows (pictured inset) had been erected west of the Capitol with the chants of 'hang Mike Pence' being heard after he rejected the false claims by Trump and others that the Vice President had the power to overturn the election results.

    The speaker of the House of Representatives - who is currently in Glasgow for the Cop26 climate summit - is reportedly worth over $100million, making her the sixth richest member of Congress.

    The House committee investigating the January 6th insurrection told former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows that he must appear for his deposition at 10 am on Friday or he will be in contempt.

    NYPD releases footage of man wanted for the rape of female jogger in Central Park

    The New York Police Department has released footage of a face mask-wearing suspect dressed in black (left) as they continue the hunt for the attacker who raped a Central Park jogger on Thursday. The attack took place only 45 minutes before another woman was sexually assaulted amid a surge in violence assaults in crime-ridden New York City. Security footage shows the suspect wearing black pants, shirt, mask and a baseball cap using an emergency exit to enter a train station, thereby avoiding the fare. Police on Thursday said the jogger, 27, was knocked to the ground, choked until she was unconscious and raped while running through the Manhattan park at 7:20am. The victim alerted police after coming round and was taken to hospital for treatment. Police said there would be increased patrols in Central Park.

    Viola Garcia (left), the president of the National School Boards Association, wrote to Joe Biden on September 29 requesting help for increasingly heated parent-teacher meetings.

    Single jab of nanofiber gel allows paralyzed mice to WALK AGAIN within four weeks: Scientists seek urgent FDA approval for use in humans

    The team of Northwestern University scientists behind the newly-published research hope to approach the Food and Drug Administration as early as next year to propose human trials. 'The aim of our research was to develop a translatable therapy that could be brought to the clinic to prevent individuals from becoming paralyzed after major trauma or disease,' said Northwestern's Samuel Stupp, who led the study.

    West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin ripped a 'Build Back Better' provision to provide a $4,500 grant for union-made electric vehicles made here, his latest critique of the legislation.

    Spending at discount stores (pictured) was up 65 percent last week as holiday shoppers began hunting for Christmas gifts and other deals during a time of record inflation, data (inset) shows

    Kyle Rittenhouse's mother Wendy on Thursday evening appeared on Sean Hannity's show, and said she was still angry about Biden's tweet a year ago - but hoped for the best from the jury, when they retire to consider their verdict next week. Wendy Rittenhouse told of her horror at seeing the footage in court of her son in Kenosha, saying she felt he was lucky to be alive. She said she wanted to hug her son when he broke down in tears on the stand on Wednesday. And she said she was optimistic that the trial would conclude as she wanted, with her son acquitted.

    Video showed a hundred refugees pouring across a highway at the border and reaching a grassy knoll where they cheered defiantly at Polish riot police and troops stationed along a barbed wire fence.

    Lawrence Masinge , 40, a fitness coach from South Africa who was shot dead in the middle of a Zoom class this week may have been killed in a targeted hit, his family has suggested.

    How I escaped from Thailand's most notorious prison: Drug smuggler who 'walked out' past the guards of the 'Bangkok Hilton' shares his audacious plot involving a fake passport, Chinese Triads and a black umbrella

    British-Australian David McMillan, now 64, was sent to the notorious?Klong Prem Central Prison - ironically nicknamed the 'Bangkok Hilton' - in 1993 after being arrested on drug trafficking charges. McMillan, who had already spent 11 years in an Australian prison on drugs charges, resolved to escape the 'Bangkok Hilton' after learning he was facing the death penalty and could be executed within weeks. Speaking in an interview with British website LADBible , McMillan recalled how he broke out from his prison cell with the help of a criminal nicknamed the 'Viking', a poster containing hacksaws, and an ability to adapt when his original plan to swim across the prison moat fell apart.

    US journalist Danny Fenster, 37, the managing editor of online magazine Frontier Myanmar, was found guilty of incitement and jailed for 11 years in?a junta court in Myanmar on Friday.

    Lieutenant Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety said that on October 26, DPS found a woman murdered by cartels on the Texas side of the border.

    Minnesota principal allows boy to remain in class with two students he's accused of sexually assaulting, vows to punish pupils for staging walkout and calls cops on parent who questioned his decision: School board refuses to discuss issue?

    Principal Marco Voce (left) vowed to suspend students at Zimmerman, Minn., school for staging a walkout over decision to allow a boy who allegedly assaulted two students remain in school. The students held their protest despite Voce's threat but parents are furious after the school board refused to address the allegations during a meeting on Monday.

    Mark Pukita, an IT entrepreneur and candidate in the crowded Ohio Republican primary, spoke Thursday night at a candidate forum where he was confronted about the ad.

    The high-pressure form of calcium silicate perovskite was predicted in 1967 but never before seen in nature. Experts led from the University of Nevada found it within a diamond from Orapa Botswana.

    Dave Portnoy reveals text from woman, 19, saying 'Really want to see you... would do anything. Can we bang': Barstool Sports founder picks apart 'hit piece' accusing him of rough sex

    Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, on Thursday hit back at allegations published in Business Insider earlier this month, claiming he was predatory and had rough sex with young girls. The 44-year-old filmed an hour-long live stream, going through the Business Insider report and showing text messages from two women cited in the story - named only as Allison, 19, and Madison, 20. Portnoy strongly denied being predatory and noted that Allison had hit onto him.

    An explosion at a mosque in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province, close to the border with Pakistan, during Friday prayers has caused a number of fatalities and injuries, officials said.

    Gmail is finally back up, following a five hour outage that left frustrated users unable to send or receive emails.

    'War stays with you like a slideshow of images': Harry and Meghan visit military base in

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Thursday visited a military base in New Jersey, marking Veterans' Day by having lunch with members of the military and sharing their experiences. Harry, 37, who spend a decade in the British army, told the assembled crowd that he was grateful for his time in the armed forces, but the experience stayed with him in his mind, and he saw things he would not want others to have to see. The visit came the day after the pair attended a gala in Manhattan on board the Intrepid aircraft carrier, with Harry handing out medals to veterans.

    Kate Middleton has 'ditched her handbag' on recent visits, stylist reveals??

    In recent weeks, Kate Middleton, 39, has been spotted out and about? without a bag in hand, with stylists telling FEMAIL it could be a sign the Duchess of Cambridge is 'more at ease' with her role in The Firm. Yesterday, the mother-of-three stepped out at the Imperial War Museum in London to open two new galleries without a bag (far right), while earlier this month she walked the red carpet for both the James Bond premiere (left) and Earthshot prize (second left) without a clutch. It's a far cry from earlier appearances from the Duchess, when she would almost always carry a clutch bag (inset).

    Defense attorney Kevin Gough on Thursday raised his concerns with the activist's presence in the Georgia court, but did not find a receptive audience in Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley.

    Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim Houthi forces have taken at least 25 people connected to the US embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a, local reports have said. The compound shut in 2015.

    Shocking snaps show the destruction guests have left behind at hotels

    Photos from around the world that capture the destruction and chaos left behind by shameless hotel and Airbnb guests have been collated into a gallery by Israel-based blog Traveler Door. Pictured top left to right: A smashed bathroom sink, buttons missing from a headboard and graffiti in a trashed apartment. Pictured bottom left to right: A messed up hotel room left behind by Van Halen, shattered glass table in Stephen Curry's hotel room and Popeyes chicken left beside a swimming pool.

    Moshe Porat, 74, was let go from Temple University in 2018 when the school discovered he had been misreporting student surveys and grades in the online business program since 2015.

    Dolphin Tale star Winter dies at Clearwater, Florida aquarium after?gastrointestinal

    A prosthetic-tailed dolphin named Winter that starred in the Dolphin Tale movies died Thursday evening at a Florida aquarium despite life-saving efforts to treat a gastrointestinal abnormality, aquarium officials said. The 16-year-old female bottlenose dolphin died while being held by animal care experts who were preparing Winter for a procedure at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where the famous marine mammal has long resided.

    London-based chef Gurpareet Bains' claim to fame included inventing the 'world's healthiest meal', a simple chicken curry with blueberries that was the equivalent of 23 bunches of grapes.

    Aides to former President Donald Trump believe they're responsible for the death of Herman Cain, who rose to prominance after running for the GOP nomination in 2012.

    Residents of Kwaqongqota Village in South Africa are worried a werewolf is behind the death of Diesel Michael Makambi, 59, whose body was found near a river last month with bite marks.

    A young girl on holiday in Italy caught gonorrhoea from sharing a thermal pool with an infected stranger. Experts say holidaymakers need to be aware regarding the risks of using these hot spots

    British man, 36, admits murdering his Canadian ex-girlfriend but denies killing her

    Brit Robert Leeming, 36, (left) has admitted murdering his Canadian ex-girlfriend with a hammer and gunshot but denied killing her 22-month-old daughter. Leeming's guilty plea comes two years after he led undercover cops to a shallow grave with the bodies of Jasmine Lovett, 25, (right) and her daughter Aliyah Sanderson (inset) in?Kananaskis, near where he lived in Calgary. He pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Lovett and not guilty to the second-degree murder of Aliyah at the beginning of the trial last month. HGV mechanic Leeming, of Wiltshire, UK, told the court he flew into a rage with his lodger and former lover Lovett and attacked her with a hammer before shooting her in the head when she accused him of injuring her daughter. He denied killing Aliyah, describing her as a 'great kid', and claimed she died from injuries sustained when she fell down stairs.

    The 'major find' was?minted in Canterbury, England more than 520 years ago, sometime between the years of?1493 and 1499, Government of Newfoundland reveals.

    Best in the league! School football star, 7, shoots to internet fame after scoring epic touchdown by using one arm to knock over FIVE other young players

    A video of a seven-year-old American football player Choyce Brown (left) has gone viral after he used only ONE arm to knock off five opponents before scoring an epic touchdown. Playing for the Hueytown Jaguars, Brown (right) bust loose, leaving opposing defenders strewn all over the field as he rushes for the end zone to get some points on the board for his team. The video was captured by a family friend, Jay Johnson, who was watching some United Youth Football Of Alabama playoff games over in McCalla.


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    Police search for brazen shoplifters filmed stealing shopping carts full of detergent and paper towels from Connecticut grocery store

    Connecticut State Police are searching for four people suspected of stealing $1,600 in goods from Market 32 in the Quarry Walk Plaza Tuesday morning. The thieves were caught in the act by onlooker as they unloaded shopping carts full of laundry detergent and paper towels into vehicles police say were stolen. Video of the robbery, which has gone viral, show four people whose faces are covered, unloading the merchandise into two separate cars outside the market.

    A 65-year-old man was shot and killed by police in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon after he was pulled over in his car, then got out and waved his gun at the officers. He died later in hospital.

    Retiring GOP Sen. Richard Shelby plans to spend $5 million of his own campaign money to help his former chief of staff beat the candidate backed by Donald Trump to replace him.

    Four new astronauts through the hatch! SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule safely arrives at the ISS following a 21 hour journey from Earth?

    Four astronauts - three from NASA and one from the European Space Agency - have officially entered the ISS, after climbing through the hatch. The rendezvous came about 21 hours after the team and its capsule were launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Wednesday night, following a string of weather delays that postponed the liftoff for a week and a half.

    Jen Psaki will return to the White House briefing room on Friday, 13 days after revealing she had tested positive for COVID despite being vaccinated. Her deputy Karine Jean-Pierre had filled in for her.

    NYPD cop beats homeless man unconscious while clearing out vagrant encampment on Manhattan sidewalk?

    The video begins as an officer is attempting to detain a man on a MacDougal Street sidewalk near Greenwich Village. The detainee appears to attempt to get up when the officer, aided by a second arriving as the man gets up, pushes him back down to the ground. Once they have him under control, the officer is seen throwing a half dozen punches at the victim's midsection.

    Texas officials are investigating three Woodsboro High School students (right) allegedly dressing up as the KKK and tasing a Black teen on Halloween night, lawyer Matt Manning (left) said.

    Two cops are injured during Golden Gate Bridge anti-vaxx march?after SUV crashes and pins them against wall??

    The California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers were at the scene to marshal anti-vaccine mandate protesters (pictured bottom-right) who had gathered near the side of the northbound lanes across the iconic California bridge. The Ford Explorer is seen overtaking a CHP sweeper truck and clipping the front on it. The SUV then swerved across the front of the struck, crashing into the side of a second CHP vehicle (pictured left). CHP said that two of its officers and three Golden Gate Bridge employees were injured in the crash. The incident came after hundreds of anti-vaccine mandate protesters gathered for a protests earlier on Thursday near the Golden Gate Bridge. Pictured top-right: People look on at the aftermath off the crash near the Golden Gate Bridge.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo makes a young tearful fan's night by giving her his shirt and a hug after she invaded the pitch to meet the Portugal star following Republic of Ireland tie

    Cristiano Ronaldo endured a frustrating night in Portugal's 0-0 draw in the Republic of Ireland as he was shackled by defenders preventing him from adding to his world record of 115 international goals. But it wasn't just Irish defenders making a beeline for the Manchester United star, with fans also desperate to come face-to-face with the soccer icon in Dublin. One young fan breached security at the final whistle as she made her way onto the pitch to greet the 36-year-old, holding back the tears as she edged closer him.

    DOJ announced it had indicted Matthew Tunstall, 34, of Los Angeles; Robert Reyes, 38, of Hollister, California; and Kyle Davies, 29, of Austin, Texas for allegedly running a 'scam PAC' operation.

    The feuding reality stars came to blows earlier this year, when?Kelly, 46, claimed she and husband Rick had contracted COVID-19 from Heather's 16-year-old son Nicholas, 16.

    Medals won by seaman who pocketed key to Titanic's binoculars are set to fetch £15,000

    David Blair (left), from Dundee, Scotland, served as the Titanic's original second officer, but was replaced at the last minute and left the ship in Southampton (bottom right), saving his life. In his haste to disembark, however, he forgot to leave a key (inset) which was needed in the crow's nest to access binoculars and a telescope. Frederick Fleet, who was on lookout duty the night the ship sank after hitting an ice berg on April 14, 1912, later testified that the disaster could have been averted if only he'd had binoculars to spot the danger. As such, Blair is known to history for his unwitting part in the sinking - but the officer had in fact won a series of prestigious medals (top right) for his bravery and military service. Roughly a year after the Titanic sank, Aldridge was serving as first officer on the SS Majestic - another White Star ocean liner - when he swam to the rescue of a drowning man who had thrown himself overboard. For his bravery, King George V awarded Blair a Sea Gallantry Medal at Buckingham Palace. He earned further medals during the First World War, when he served with distinction in the navy. Blair, who was known as Davy, was also commended with an OBE and the Legion d'Honneur - France's highest order of merit.


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    Yacht builders unveil concept vessel they claim will use 'wings' to travel above the waves

    A new 70-foot 'hyperboat concept' which claims to 'fly' above the water and has retractable wings and futuristic 'spaceship-like interiors' is being developed by Italian yacht builders Persico Marine in collaboration with Carkeek Design Partners and Pininfarina Nautical. Designers of the carbon composite crafted yacht boast it as having a 'sleek, aerodynamic silhouette that's conducive to breakneck cruising'. They also say that while most foiling yachts are 'designed purely for speed', Persico F70 'combines high performance with luxury interiors, meaning it can be used for both racing and leisurely daysailing'. Persico Marine claims the yacht 'outperforms 100-footers and can "fly" at just 10 knots' but gave no exact speed figures. As well as the retractable wings, it also promises 'elevators on the rudder blade that together allow it to fly across the water with minimal drag'. (Pictured: The Persico F70 'hyperboat concept')

    Video footage of a man brutally attacked a woman in the elevator at?Lexington Avenue subway station in Harlem, New York City on November 1, was released today by police.

    Footage taken by staff at?Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, shows three oriental small-clawed otters and a four-year-old orangutan called Berani playing together.

    £6,830 version of iPhone 13 Pro Max contains a fragment of a real 80 million-year-old

    London-based phone brand Caviar has unveiled a $9,100 version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max called the Tyrannophone, which features a fragment of a real 80 million-year-old T.Rex tooth. The Tyrannophone is part of Caviar's new Tera collection, and features an image of a T.Rex.



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